Poignée Gray Archery AiX

  • Poignée Gray Archery AiX
  • Poignée Gray Archery AiX
  • Poignée Gray Archery AiX
  • Poignée Gray Archery AiX
Poignée compétition Elite 25 pouces. masse de 1206 grammes.

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779,40 €

poignée 25" disponible en droitier uniquement. Un très haut niveau de compétition proposé par la marque sud africaine Gray Archery.

grande rigidité, très bonne stabilité en tir. Réglage de latéralité de branches par réglage directement de la position latérale dess fixations tiller bolt et non pas du chariot comme sur la plupart des poignées.

grip plastique anti-dérapant confortable

Fixation de branches ILF standard type Hoyt TD4

poids : 1206g sans pont carbon rigide en option (1289g si pont monté)
Aluminum : 6082 T6 and 7075 T651

Colour: poignée gris mat avec Inserts anodisés disponibles en couleurs : rouge, bleu, noir, violet, orange, argent


----- version anglophone -----

The Gray AIX is the something else. The design of the GRAY AIX is the result of over 3 years of concentrated research and development which has culminated in one of the most innovative recurve riser designs in modern day archery.

The GRAY AIX is not just a dedicated target bow but it can be customized into a discerning FITA bare bow riser with the addition of weights to one of its many weight attachment points.

The GRAY AIX offers 12 weight attachment points besides that of the front stabilizer bushing. This is more than any other recurve riser on the market, giving the archer more options than ever before to get that perfect weight distribution.

The GRAY AIX does not use a cheap limb alignment system , it uses a practical one. The T slide mechanism allows for the riser to be aligned as well as the tiller to be adjusted whilst the bow is strung. due to the method of limb aligning, the GRAY AIX allows for the limb and limb bolt to be perfectly parallel thereby not inducing any undue stress into the bolt and the limb. But this is not the only innovative and unique aspect of the GRAY AIX.

The riser allows for the addition of the bolt on DampBridge technology which will not only change the stiffness characteristics of the riser but also provide the much appreciated damping affect that is provided by the carbon fibre exoskeleton filled with vibration absorbent elastomer. ( DampBridge sold seperately) Besides having unique bolt on items, the GRAY AIX uses Asymetric Window technology which on static draw reduces the net displacement of the nocking point by almost 6 times when compared to standard aluminum technology risers. One last final touch is that the GRAY AIX comes with a standard grey hard coat anodizing which is abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant as well increased surface hardness which is everything an archer needs to have a long lasting finish on his/her riser In short the GRAY AIX was imagined by an archer and realized by an engineer.

Informations complémentaires

Fabriquant Gray Archery
technologie structure carbone
livré avec Non
Type de fixation HDS (standard Hoyt TD4)

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