compound Hoyt Podium X Elite 37 GTX Target

  • compound Hoyt Podium X Elite 37 GTX Target

plage d'allonge des poulies GTX : 24.5-26", 25.5-27", 26.5-28", 27.5-29", 27-30", 29.5-31"
Vitesse (ATA) : 308 pieds/secondes
Band moyen : 7"5⁄8
Masse : 4.6 LBS.
Entraxe : 37"7⁄8
Plage de puissance : 30-40#, 40-50#, 50-60#, 60-70#

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Prix normal : 1 375,20 €

Prix spécial : 969,90 €


HOYT mon-archerie Compound HOYT 2015 Podium x Elite 37

How do you improve on an already proven winner? Easy, take the best engineers in archery in lock them in a room with the best archers in the world. The result: the all new Podium X Elite 37 and Podium X Elite 40. A modular grip system, adjustable cable guard bar and loaded from axle-to-axle with proven Hoyt technology make this the most tunable and accurate target bow series ever produced. Make this bow yours and claim your spot on the podium.

  • Modular Grip System.

  • Adjustable 4-position cable guard.

  • Low rear stabilizer mounting location.

  • Spiral-Pro Cam & 1/2 or GTX Cam & 1/2 options.

Hoyt Podium X Grip

 Hoyt’s new, patent-pending, modular grip system allows target archers to fine tune their grip pressure by changing the angle of the grip. Every Podium X Elite comes with 4 different grip modules – 0 (standard angle), +2, +4 and +6 degrees. Try each one to see which angle helps you achieve a dead-center hold and best fits your shooting style and form.

Hoyt Podium X Cable Guard

The Podium X Elite features an adjustable cable guard bar to help maximize your bow’s tunability and shrink your groups. Four different angle settings help to neutralize torque and achieve perfect arrow flight. Internal locking teeth and two lock down screws ensure it will stay where you put it.




The unique Shoot-Thru design actually increases lateral stiffness, resulting in a more consistent re...




The riser-to-limb connection is a bow’s most critical contact point. It’s the heart of a bow. Superi...



Legendary Hoyt limb durability comes from our strict lamination process and rigorous testing standar...




Bend but don’t break.



Kill noise, kill vibration.



The most efficient limb dampeners in archery.


Proven with podium finishes around the world, FUSE Custom Strings are built rock-solid.



Shooter customizable grip angle for customization of your bows feel and aim.



4-position adjustable cable guard allows for maximum tunability.



Smooth as glass and shooter friendly.




The favorit cam of the world’s top shooters. Now with the ease of modular draw length adjustment

Informations complémentaires

Fabriquant Hoyt
plage de puissance Non
Allonge poulie cam&1/2
Utilisations N/A
livré avec livré nu manuel en anglais casquette Hoyt

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