compound Hoyt Spyder ZT Turbo chasse

  • compound Hoyt Spyder ZT Turbo chasse

plage d'allonge des poulies GTX : 24.5-26”, 26-28”, 28-30”
Vitesse (ATA) : 348 pieds/secondes
Band moyen : 6"
Masse : 3.8 LBS.
Entraxe : 33"
Plage de puissance : 30-40#, 40-50#, 50-60#, 60-70#

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Prix normal : 1 198,00 €

Prix spécial : 1 090,00 €


HOYT mon-archerie Compound HOYT SPYDER ZT TURBO"

The all new Carbon Spyder ZT is available in three distinct configurations; 30 and 34-inch axle-to-axle configurations as well as the blazing fast turbo that spits out arrows at a real-world 350 feet-per-second. All feature the new patent-pending Zero Torque Cable Guard System and Hoyt’s latest technologies giving you the ultimate advantage on any hunt.

  • Strongest, lightest and quietest carbon riser we have ever made.

  • ZT Cable Guard System neutralizes unwanted torque.

  • Adjustable AirShox arm provides optimal damper location.

  • XTS Pro Arc Limbs harnessed by Pro-Lock Pocket system.

Turbo Version

  • Turbo Cam & 1/2, our fastest cam yet, producing blood-pumping speeds of 350 fps, “producing our fastest bow yet.”

  • 75% let-off helps this speed cam maintain a generous valley.

  • Modular adjustable for easy draw length changes


Helical™ Flex Tune Carbon

Strong, Reliable & Durable

Pro-Lock Pocket System

The riser-to-limb connection is a bow’s most critical contact point. It’s the heart of a bow. Superi...

In-Line Roller Cable Guard

Roller-type cable guards have been around in one form or another for close to 30 years now. As the o...

Perfect Balance Stabilization System

A well balanced bow provides the shooter with a steadier aim that is easy to hold at full draw. It w...

Silent Shelf Technology™

Silent Shelf kills noise at the arrow rest and can save your hunt during the moment of truth.

Pro-Fit™ Custom Grips

Grip options to match every shooters desired feel, and color options to match your desired style.

ARC™ Limb Technology

Beyond parallel limb technology features incredible energy storage with recoil-free shooting.

Parallel Split-Limb Technology™

Hoyt’s patented Parallel Split-Limb Technology provides for an effective overall width of 2¼ inches,...

Multi-Layer Lamination™

Strongest, most dependable, longest-lasting limbs you’ll find anywhere.

Shock-Rod™ Technology

Kill noise, kill vibration.


The most efficient limb dampeners in archery.


StealthShot kills noise and minimizes string oscillation after the shot.

Zero Torque™ Cable Guard System

A revolutionary cable containment system built for easy-tuning and maximum forgiveness.

Cam & 1/2™ Performance System

The cam that has it all: speed, smoothness and accuracy.

Turbo Cam & 1/2™

Our fastest cam ever made. Designed to be hard-hitting and flat shooting.

Z5 Cam & 1/2™

Buttery smooth and deadly fast. The Z5 cam is a dream come true.

Informations complémentaires

Fabriquant Hoyt
plage de puissance Non
poulie cam&1/2
Utilisation N/A
livré avec livré nu manuel en anglais casquette Hoyt

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